Kyle Rittenhouse’s Not Guilty Verdict is a Win For America’s Legal System.

3 min readNov 20, 2021

BIack America, stop pulling your hair.


In 2020, when this whole craze of BLM and sh!t was going about, I was furious to see street urchins, woke SJWs, Antifas and other mentally ill people who use racial equality to justify their irrational violence.

However one of these few lunatics got their comeuppance. Joseph Rosenbaum was killed by a shot from Kyle Rittenhouse’s rifle after Rosenbaum had pursued Rittenhouse alongside other assailants; upon getting close to Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum had struggled with Rittenhouse and he tried to forcefully take his rifle away from him until he got shot four times and Rosenbaum got killed.

Ever since then, I hadn’t heard anything about his case but I was sure he was going to be subject to mob rule. However, I was way off the mark. Rittenhouse got acquitted and found not guilty on all charges and as you can imagine, many individuals from the Black community are out there again pulling their hair out because a White man who happened to be acquitted by the jury because they found him innocent, was a confirmation of the nonsense, ‘white privilege. LOL!

As Candace says, ‘this win feels bitter sweet’, and I agree. What would this have meant for America if the jury had found him guilty in the face of overwhelming evidence pointing to his innocence, because of some wacko leftist mob, who sees everything through the lenses of race? That would mean that the American justice system is being allowed to be influenced by some critical race theorists who believe white people should feel guilty every time for being white by being an ‘ally’.
Essentially, Jurors would not be able to decide correctly without fear of being labelled racists, and this would be detrimental to justice because, rather than looking at the evidence of the case presented to the jury and deciding whether it corresponds with the facts of the case, they would make the wrong decision, thanks to the mounting external pressures.