This is What Police Brutality Looks Like. Warning, It’s Graphic.

3 min readOct 20, 2021

Police brutality knows no race — indiscriminate.

Credit: Washington Post

I know that Black people have been victims of police brutality. But what really grinds my gears every time is the claim that Black victims of police brutality have suffered such fate because the state and its institution are racist. I have come to put forwards a different perspective.

In 2017, I watched a clip of a police officer yelling at two individuals. Some of you may already have come in contact with the video but some of you may haven't. The fact that this footage exists is a testament to the fact that police brutality is indiscriminate and some people are actually trying to make it about race.

The police officer had responded to a call in which the victim, a white male, was allegedly seen pointing a rifle outside of the widow of the inn he was residing in. But in fact, the victim was only showing off his pellet gun used in his pest control job.

The Traumatic Event:

“Another mistake, there is a very severe possibility that you’re both going to get shot. Do you understand?!” — white police officer.

In this instance, this man, who is white by the way, is faced with two options: follow the white police officer’s instructions accurately and live, or not follow his instructions and die. He is lying face down alongside a lady in the hallway, listening to the instructions of the police officer who was pointing a gun at them, ready to fire at the slightest wrong move.

“shut up! I’m not here to be tactful, you listen, you obey”! — white police officer.

At this point, both the woman to who the victim was showing off his gun pellet and the victim were both quaking on the floor. Then I wondered, what would I have done in this situation? Try to yell that I was not wielding a weapon? But as you can read, the officer was not going to be reasonable. He had his mind made up.

“Keep your fingers interlaced behind your heads and your legs crossed over one another! Young man I haven’t asked you to move!” If you move, we’re going to cosider that a threath and you may not survive it , do you understand?! — white police officer.