Guys, You Have to Read Judson Vereen’s Response to ‘SO what if Black People Can Be Racist’.

2 min readOct 21, 2021

He responded to Jeremy Helligar’s piece.

If there’s one thing that annoys me more than a white liberal telling me to accept the fact that I am oppressed, it’s the justification of racism.

I copied this excerpt that’s pasted below from Judson Vereen’s page because it substantially deals with Helliga’s article: from reverse racism to addressing the claim that ids are racist. I am sorry but I can’t do justice to his article it’s just comprehensive, cogent, and mentally stimulating.

I can’t tell you what or what not to do but please it is a long read and you should try to read it slowly and carefully.

Here’s an excerpt taken from his work:

So what if Blacks can be racist?

The title of your article drips with a kind of apology that is flung far too easily. It holds up the notion that black people still have no power, and morality is just a matter of asking “so what”? So what if black folks are filled with anger? So what if black people live with hate inside their hearts? So what if their lives are affected by bitterness, outrage, depression? They are black — it does not matter what black people do. Let us instead keep the focus on the communities that are not ours. That seems more productive? Many white folks are waiting and waiting for more people to take some responsibility in their own lives. Nobody can demand it, only encourage it. Articles like this encourage the opposite…….. Continue reading from the beginning here